Be bold warrior. In my darkest moments, one word instantly generated an inner light for me: warrior. A warrior, by sheer definition, is one who has shown great vigor, courage or aggressiveness. It's rooted in power. It demonstrates an unwavering unwillingness to bend, crack or break. It is someone unwilling to roll over, give up or be broken. The label of warrior will act as the foundation for my jewelry, each piece truly handmade and hand designed, in sterling silver.


Our Warrior necklace is sterling silver, 16 inches long, proudly made in the USA, and includes a warrior message card. 


We are excited to partner with Twisted Pink to give a necklace to a cancer warrior for the purchase of each necklace through May 31. 


About Twisted Pink:


Our Mission

The mission of Twisted Pink is to extend lives and improve quality of life for late stage breast cancer patients and their families by funding metastatic (stage IV)

breast cancer research. We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization with Fed Tax ID 47-1140389.


Twisted Pink was established in 2014 after our founder, Caroline Johnson, completed her own treatment for stage III ER+ breast cancer.  Her passion for funding research was driven partially by learning more about the statistics of the disease during her own journey.  


Since our inception in 2014, Twisted Pink has raised $1,394,922.84  to fund Stage IV research. These are much needed research dollars that have the potential to extend or save lives for metastatic breast cancer patients. Our collaborations and advocacy for matching dollars has resulted in over $1.82 million dollars to metastatic breast cancer research.  This success and the research we have funded wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers, board members, patient advocacy groups, generous donors and our corporate sponsors. Visit Twisted Pink at 


On sale until May 31, 2020. 


Warrior Floating Sterling Silver Necklace




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