Be bold warrior. In my darkest moments, one word instantly generated an inner light for me: warrior. A warrior, by sheer definition, is one who has shown great vigor, courage or aggressiveness. It's rooted in power. It demonstrates an unwavering unwillingness to bend, crack or break. It is someone unwilling to roll over, give up or be broken. The label of warrior will act as the foundation for my jewelry, each piece truly handmade and hand designed, in sterling silver.


Our Warrior necklace is sterling silver, 16 inches long, proudly made in the USA, and includes a warrior message card. The Warrior necklace is made from laser cut sterling silver, glass beaded metallic blue rosary chain in nickel, 16 inches long, proudly made in the USA. 


We donate 3% of sales to various charities on the sale of our jewelry. 


Warrior Beaded Floating Sterling Necklace




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