We are beyond excited to be carrying Nordic Beach jackets. They are beyond soft and cozy. People will stop you to ask you about this amazing one size fits all wrap. They are soft, adorable and lightweight. We had these in the fall, and could not keep them in stock. They are a perfect gift to give and receive. 


These jackets include our newest white and gold ceramic 7 oz candle through May 31. We have 2 scents to pick from which include Good Karma which is reminiscent of the Volcano Capri Blue candle or Beach that is inspired by Bobbi Brown. 


  • Made from light & fluffy cotton candy signature fabric. The super soft 100% micro poly is easy to care for.
  • Machine wash separate, cool temperature, delicate cycle. Remove from washer and shake it up. Let air dry! Once dry, shake again to fluff or tumble dry NO heat 1 minute.

Nordic Beach Jacket

Candle scent
  • A comfy cozy hooded wrap that flatters any age and any body type.  They are a carefully thought out  & executed design allows for a 1 size fits all. Wear it anywhere you want to be comfy & cozy and discover for yourself why so many people who have a Nordic Beach love it so much! I’m certain you will too!




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