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I have met so many women since my cancer diagnosis that continue to inspire me. A Badass engages in impossible activities and achieves success in a manner that renders onlookers completely awestruck. A Badass is tough, uncompromising, or intimidating. A Badass is admirable.


We are partnering with Cocktails & Chemo now through the end of April. For every Badass necklace sold, we will be donating one to a Badass cancer caregiver. To learn more about Cocktails and Chemo please visit their website at to learn more about this amazing Foundation. 


Our Badass necklace is sterling silver, 16 inches long, proudly made in the USA. We package our necklace in a beautiful champagne matte ribbon box. At Karma Candles, we believe in giving back to our community. Wishing you light, love and good karma always. 


Badass Floating Sterling Silver Necklace