Good Karma & Grace

From smoldering embers, new fires burn when ashes take new form. So is the case with Good Karma & Grace -- my new jewelry business dedicated to inspiring cancer patients to face their battle with fearlessness and strength.

In the last year, a new fire has started in my core. I've connected with countless women in the thick of their own battles or waiting in the wings to uphold and uplift the women they cherish and adore as they have battles of their own to fight. I've heard your stories and seen the acts of selflessness and support towards women in the fight of their life. Having been on the receiving end of that love, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to accept a token of love and affection that doesn't necessarily align with your style or sentiment. While many wear their cancer ribbons proudly (and they SHOULD!), others of us wish for more subtle, subdued symbols of strength and sources of steadiness. I sought a different badge; one that tells a different story and signifies more than just a battle. I wish to wear a symbol of strength, harmony and life, not one associated with struggle.

Jewelry can be that badge. Good Karma & Grace (GK+G) can be that badge. GK+G is as much for women facing their battle loudly and proudly, as it is for women who turn inward for inspiration. It can be for the warrior whatever source of strength they need. Intentionally understated, its imprint is subtle, but its message a battle cry to express solidarity and intimidate the enemy: disease.

In my darkest moments, one word instantly generated an inner light for me: warrior. A warrior, by sheer definition, is one who has shown great vigor, courage or aggressiveness. It's rooted in power. It demonstrates an unwavering unwillingness to bend, crack or break. It is someone unwilling to roll over, give up or be broken. The label of warrior will act as the foundation for my jewelry, each piece truly handmade and hand designed, in sterling silver.

GK+G is as affordable as it is sentimental. Priced at less than $80 per piece, it is a token that can be gifted and worn without fear of being irreplaceable, while still being meaningful and prized.

As the brand grows, rest assured it will be feeding into positive karma. Twenty percent of all proceeds will go to a charity of the month, which may or may not have an affiliation to cancer. GK+G has reminded me how important it is to see beyond cancer, and our charitable efforts will reflect other matters that hold weight in our hearts and minds.

As I embark on this new journey, trust that candles are still a part of my story. The candles still burn bright! Karma Candles got the smolder started. Now, there's a bigger fire burning in my soul; one I'm excited and thankful to share with you.

Wishing you good karma and grace -- always!

Cari Hahn

Owner, Karma Candles Store

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